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Boron Reference Sources

Manufacturer of the raw material - Rio Tinto Borax, 26877 Tourney Road, Valencia, California 91355-1847 U.S.A.

Principal Boron Mine - the town of 'Boron', California, since 1927

Occupational Study of Miners - International Symposium on the Health Effects of Boron and its Compounds, 1992

Study of Leaching Out - A Reappraisal, J.D.Lloyd, B.W.P.D.A. Convention 1995

Borates v Termites - Timbor Professional, U.S. Borax

The Progress of Boron - The Professional Treater, April 1998

BBA Certificate (example) - Channelwood Systems Limited, 99/3587

Effectiveness v Common Furniture Beetle - European Standard BS EN 49-1:1992

Heritage and Conservation Repair Sites - a few examples

St Giles Cathedral

National Trust HQ

Dartmouth Castle, Devon

Christow Church, Devon

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