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Borax Boron based liquid products are odourless, safe and effective

Borax based products kill and prevent the growth of rots, moulds, slime and mildew, and they act as insecticides for wood boring insects, wool moth, fleas and ants.

Borax based products are easy to apply, suitable for Trade use, non staining and non flammable. Call us for advice so that you have the correct Boron based products for your project - 01626 872886 .

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There is a solution for every situation where timber decay has resulted in Dry rot or other fungal decay and where the residual moisture content of the timber leaves the structure at risk. Dry rot cannot survive and travel at a moisture content of less than 18% in timber. Elimination of the moisture source has always been the prime objective. The practical reality, especially with large structures, has been that immediate drying out to below the danger level cannot be achieved before reinstatement.

This is the technical basis on which preservative treatments are justified. However, many such treatments are unnecessarily destructive and expensive because they rely on old techniques where extreme cut back of perfectly sound wood and plaster is routine security for the Treatment Company and the Client.

The Boron approach is different: cut back sound timber and plaster to the minimum to reach structurally sound material and treat the adjacent areas with dual action Boron based preservatives.

These Boron based treatments can be supplemented with a localised preservative paint coating, to provide a 'no-go zone' Dry Rot Paint , over which Dry rot cannot travel to reach other untreated areas.

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1. BORACOL 5RH and BORACOL 10 - Surface Treatments - 48 Hour Re-Entry

Unique Boracol in water is designed to treat timber by brush, spray or Sprayfast Sprayer. It avoids the hazard problems of many liquid preservatives by using only water as a carrier. It can also be used in most situations to replace other less ‘friendly’ contact type insecticides, including Permethrin.

2. BORACOL ECOBOR B40 - Injected Treatment

A unique SUPER STRENGTH Gel using a special blend of technical grade glycols as carriers. It can be injected into timber, with the advantage of supplying a highly concentrated mobile preservative which will spread even at low moisture content levels. Simple to apply with a standard skeleton gun; more effective to use because of the higher available level of active content.

Usage rate - use our chart of hole spacing for various timber sizes as a guide, or call us on 01626 872886 and we'll calculate your exact requirements. (Hole Spacing Guide - click here to download)

3. ECOBOR GEL 20 - Surface Applied Gel

A 20% active clear Gel ideal for end grain and bearing area treatment of beams and joists. Also useful for medium to heavy active infestations of insect attack and treatment of new timbers for use in vulnerable areas (e.g. skirting boards).

3. NO-GO ZONE PAINT - Coating

A specially green pigmented preservative biocidal emulsion paint designed to prevent the surface spread of Dry rot. Ideal for timber and masonry in the treatment of adjacent areas, to provide visual lasting evidence of treatment. It prevents surface spread of strands and mycelium.

5. BORON RODS - Solid Rods for Embedding

These solid rods of HIGH STRENGTH Boron 173 are used to protect timbers which are constantly or occasionally damp: external joinery, wall plates, embedded beam ends, posts etc. They can also be used in conjunction with BORON ULTRA 78 paste, to act as a long term reservoir (Standard Sizes - 8mm x 24mm and 8mm x 65mm).

Usage rate - use our chart of hole spacing for various timber sizes as a guide, or call us on 01626 872886 and we'll calculate your exact requirements. (Hole Spacing Guide - click here to download)


The ideal way to repair timber is to use the Patented Timber-Resin Splice System. The factory made timber units are supplied as Kits, ready to fit onto the cut back ends of decayed beams of all types and sizes.

The TRS Kits have a standard Lifetime Guarantee; they are Guaranteed for the Lifetime of the timber to which they are attached. It therefore makes sense to provide a matching Boron product for the preservation of the Parent timber, thus extending the Lifetime to include the Parent. An additional Manufacturers Guarantee can also be purchased, if specified.

7. BORACOL 10RH - special treatments for mould, slime, rots and insects

Boracol 10RH and 5RH and thin liquids for application by brush or spray to timber or masonry to kill moulds, rots and slime often found in teak yacht decking and other building decks and walkways. Boracol 20 is a thicker, gloopy liquid designed to be brushed or Microsprayed for treating timbers for woodworm and rots.

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